«Elvis» Lounge-Bar

The next hall of JOSE complex, worth to be focused on, is Lounge-Bar «Elvis» with its unique and exquisite design solutions, and modern interior. Special attention must be paid to the unique menu and the special offers for lunch breaks, due to which the most various social groups are hosted here, despite the fact that JOSE is associated as a favorable place for people from high-class layers. We can confidently assert, that at least the 75-80% of Yerevan residents not only knows about JOSE as the best entertainment venue, but can easily provide the address of the place and describe the location. And the fact that it is situated right in the center of the city contributes the tourists to easily find and visit us with no difficulty.

The menu diversity and interior spaciousness creates an advantage for visitors to plan any kind of meeting with us. Regardless of the fact, the customer is in the mood to eat, or just to entertain his friends with hookah, he is confident that his expectations are guaranteed to be realized in a decent way. The mentioned advantages contribute to the development and implementation of the most dynamic marketing moves.It is very easy to hold massive demonstrations, receptions, special offers, refreshments and even fashion shows.While the 2014’s innovation was the organization of mega parties, which aimed to unite our faithful customers, promoting a warmer and friendlier attitude towards JOSE complex. For short,the opportunities of «Elvis» lounge-bar are diverse and almost unlimited.

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