The Club

To be honest, we should mention that the most favorite and popular hall in JOSE complex is the CLUB. And this fact is not by chance, because it is hard to find any singer among the representatives of Armenian Show Business Representatives, who has not yet performed on the stage of JOSE at least once. Currently such favorite dance groups and stars like Ella Tarounts, Lilit Karapetyan, Samvel Grigoryan, Mihran Tsarukyan, Meri Makaryan and many others, perform at JOSE CLUB daily. The most important advantage of the Club is that each night the audience experiences the four-hour live concert program, which also includes performances of the above-mentioned singers.

And as a result, those having a guest from abroad, at least once invite them to JOSE CLUB, as an alternative to a spectacular venue. Everyone knows, that JOSE assembles the core of the society, people who are used to having the best of everything, who are accustomed to superior customer service and special foods. As for the technical equipment, everything here is deliberately implemented on the highest level. And the result of all these is that any significant event, would it be either everyday life event, or other cultural occasion, is planned and held at one of the best entertainment complex in Armenia, JOSE. 

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